Hi there! DLP was started from my ever constant love and passion for photography. From the first time I got my hands on a camera–this cheap, plastic thing I won as a prize–I’ve always been fascinated with capturing what you see on paper. Every time I see something beautiful, something that takes my breath away, my soul yearns for a camera so that I might have proof that moment existed.

…I know, it sounds dramatic, but that’s the only way to describe the intense feeling I get.

Dulce Life Photography is named, in part, after a beloved cat (who was not sweet at all, despite appearances, and did not live up to his name most of the time). It might sound silly, but the day he came into my life was the day I discovered I could love in a way I never had before. I took thousands of pictures, but didn’t fully appreciate just how important photography is until he passed away. Suddenly, all my photographs weren’t just cute pictures for me to randomly pull out on my phone and force my husband to look at. Instead, they became one of my most important possessions, reminding me of a time I’ll never get back. Portraits of him are scattered around our home, and they’re backed up on multiple hard drives. This is why I believe in documenting important moments of life, especially those “sweet” ones. After all, your photographs often remain the only proof of an unforgettable time.


Kevin's primary job is a petroleum engineer, but in his free time he enjoys playing his massive collection of video games and having his lap occupied by one of our other kitties, Oliver (our resident crazy cat who might have a secret stash of cat nip). He doesn't exactly enjoy spending his free time hauling equipment on shoots--who would--but he does it out of love. His role is important though, without his assistance in setting up equipment we'd have a much harder time getting the light just right. 

Kevin's goal is to one day be our second shooter, but first we have to get him to learn how to use a camera on manual mode!

Let us help you remember your last year of high school, before you head off to college and experience life in an entirely different way.

Let us help you remember your engagement, that moment for just the two of you, before the whirlwind of wedding planning really starts.

Let us help you remember your beautiful family, as they are, in this moment.

So sit back, stay awhile, and contact us to let us know how we can help you.